Baska Mask instructions

Single Use Instructions

To ensure integrity of mask, with gloved hands, occlude the airway opening of the connector end of the device with one thumb, hold the mask head with the other hand and place the thumb over the airway opening of the mask to seal. Apply pressure for 5 seconds to confirm there is no leak in the device.


Lubricate the mask with a water soluble lubricant.

With the patient’s head and neck in neutral position and the mouth open, compress the proximal firmer part of the mask between the thumb and two fingers and push the mask past the front teeth towards the hard palate, avoiding the tongue.

If required, pull the tab gently to help negotiate the palato-pharyngeal curve. Release the tab as soon as the tip of the mask has passed around the curve.

Ensure the mask has been advanced sufficiently until resistance is encountered. In this position the tip of the mask is engaged into the upper end of the oesophagus. The patient’s front teeth should approximate to the part of the tube into which the connectors are inserted.

Complete and check the seal by closing the breathing circuit spill valve and applying pressure to the reservoir bag

If regurgitation is anticipated or is a high risk, suction should be connected to the suction port of the device before insertion and be left running continuously until the mask has been positioned correctly. Suction should also run continuously during removal of the device at the end of the procedure. During the procedure suction can be applied intermittently as required to clear any fluids or secretions. Maintaining suction continuously throughout the procedure is not recommended as it could predispose to post-operative sore throat due to the drying action of the air flow.

The vent must remain open to atmosphere at all times. Do not pass any kind of tube down it, or obstruct it by any other means.

Multiple Use Instructions

To use the Baska mask more than once the additional steps below are required.


  1. Leave the device immersed in water after use to prevent mucus from drying out.
  2. Wash the device in warm running water.
  3. Clean the airway and cavity with a soft-bristled brush, using sodium bicarbonate solution (10% w/w) until all foreign matter is removed. A low-foam detergent in a pasteurising washer can be used with a drying cycle after cleaning.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the mask in water and dry completely.
  5. Place the device in an appropriate bag and steam autoclave on normal cycle for sterilisation. Please use a steam sterilisation indicator.
  6. Each time the Baska Mask is sterilised, record the number of uses on the corresponding card supplied with each reusable Baska Mask.