Baska Mask News

New contract for Kuwait, KSA and Iraq

A new contract has been signed with Integra Medical to supply the BaskMask to Kuwait, KSA and Iraq

BALUM Reusable Baska Mask

BALUM Reusable Baska Mask up to 60 uses are now available. Contact us via the contact page for more information.

Malaysia and Brunei contract signed

A contract to supply the Baska mask to Malaysia and Brunei was signed this month with ATN Medic Sdn Bhd.

Malaysia interest with Hospital Presentations

Presentations were conducted at 3 Malaysian hospitals from 31st March to 5th April 2015.
General Hospital, Pusrawi Hospital and Gleaneagles Hospital all in Kula Lumpar all participated in the presentations.

Royal United Hospital Bath begin Baska Mask trials

Professor Tim Cook from the Royal United Hospital Bath started with trials of the Baska Mask.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Adelaide Presentation

The Baska Mask was presented to a number of Hospital associates including Roelof van Wijk, Islam Elhalawani, Kym Osborn (Head, Department of O&G Anaesthesia, Women's and Children's Hospital, North Adelaide), John Stapleton, Gilberto Arenas and Stuart Jones.

Mexican agents appointed

In Port Charlotte, Florida we signed the contract to supply to Mexico's Hospitals with our new Mexican Agents, Medutech S.A.DE C.U.

More Italian interest with 2 presentations


Lengthy discussion with Dr Raimundi regarding emergency resuscitation using the Baska Mask. Dr Raimundi is the Head of Anesthesia at Polyclinical San Matteo Hospital.


Meeting with Dr Morlene - Head Anesthetist - Niguarda Hospital, Milan

Milan, Italy

The Baska Mask was presented to Dott. Alberto Piacentini, Anesthetics, Flying Physician HEMS Como, who was very happy when used on the mannequin.

Presentation at Royal United Hospital Bath

Dr Tim Cook from the Royal United Hospital Bath tried the Baska Mask with the use of a mannequin. This will probably lead to a trial in the near future.

Lecture and presentation in Madrid


Lecture at the Infantu Sofia in Madrid by Dr Kanaga Baska to a number of anaesthetists including Dr. Juan Campoy, Dr. Pedro Charco, Dr. Kanag Baska, Dra. Ana López, Dr. Juan Zaballos, Dr Roberto Garcia and Dr. Servando López


Presentation to 150 anaesthetists at the Hotel Silhu Puerta in Madrid. This resulted in a multi centre trial of the Baska Mask across Spain.

Presentation at Valencia Hospital

The Baska Mask was presented at the Valencia Hospital. The Baska Mask was well received by all attending.

Baska Mask Demonstration Madrid

The Baska Mask was demonstrated to Dr Lopez Gil at the Gregorio Marastion Hospital in Madrid. The Baska Mask was received positively.

IARS conference - Montreal

We have just received an acceptance letter from the organizors of IARS conference in Montreal in May 2014.

Details of this paper are:

Title: To compare the clinical efficacy of the Baska mask (BM) with Proseal laryngeal mask (PLM) in patients undergoing general anesthesia for a variety of elective non-head and neck surgical procedures.

Authors: Sharifa Ali Sabeeh Al-Rawahi, Haris Aziz, *Azharuddin M Malik, Rashid M Khan, Naresh Kaul

Affiliations: Department of Anesthesia & ICU, Khoula Hospital, Muscat, Oman; *Department of Medicine, J N Medical College, Aligarh, India

Spain & Portugal Government Hospitals

Our order to supply all government hospitals in Spain & Portugal has been delivered.

Initial order for Spanish and Portuguese Hospitals

Our first order to supply all government hospitals in Spain and Portugal. The initial order looks as though it will be delivered in early January 2014.

Russian supply contract signed

We have sign a supply contract with the Russian Hospitals. The initial order is expected to be delivery June 2014.

FESS Baska mask trial Prince Alfred Hospital

A limited trial study was completed at Prince Alfred Hospital by Dr john Steleos (ENT Anesthetist) and Dr Michael Jungmann (Liverpool).

Wr.Neustadt Hospital

Wr.Neustadt Hospital with Professor Trimmel

Austria in June

Morning: Hospital Baden (South of Vienna) with Dr Schwameis.

Afternoon: Evangelisches Krankenhaus Hospital with Dr Gaube and Prof Kozek-Langenecker

Evening: Meeting with Mr Dmitri Zaharchenko, Russian distribution agents Empire Medical.

4 trial cases at Valencia

4 trial cases conducted at Hospital Clinic Valencia.

Hospital trials in Valence

Hospital trials in Valence, working with Dr Jose Vincente Cuchillo at Generalitat Valenciana Hospital.

Clinic trials in Barcelona

Hospital Clinic trials in Barcelona, working with Dr A Lopez, Dr K Vlassakov (Head of dept ambulatory care) and Dr Ricard Valero (Asst Prof Howard Medical School).

Baska mask versus Proseal laryngeal mask trial


Patients coming for surgical procedures on the day of surgery and leaving the hospital before the end of the day is gaining popularity. This is popularly called as Day Care Surgery or Ambulatory Surgery. Administration of general anesthesia to these patients may necessitate that their breathing passages remain patent and safely connected to anesthesia machine at all times during surgery. This is usually achieved by placing a tube with a cup at its distal end in the patient’s mouth. This cup has an inflatable rim to make a seal around the proximal opening of the patient’s breathing passage (trachea) called the glottis. Such a device is called supraglottic device as it is placed above the glottis. Laryngeal mask airway (cLMA) or its variant called the Proseal laryngeal mask (PLM) are the most commonly used supraglottic device during day care surgery.

Despite cLMA’s safety profile, the incidence of sore throat following the use of cLMA has been reported to be five times more than that with face mask when used in ambulatory surgery. This is mainly attributed to the pressure exerted by the inflatable cuff inside the mouth. A previous study in ambulatory surgical patients found postoperative sore throat in 9% and 10% of patients managed with a cLMA and PLM respectively.

Aim of the Study

Being without an inflatable cuff, the problem of sore throat due to excessive cuff pressure as observed with PLM is expected to be significantly reduced with the use of Baska Mask (BM) which is the most recently introduced supraglottic device in 2012. For the same reason, use of the BM should neither cause tissue trauma nor nerve damage.

The association between extended postoperative stay following day care ambulatory surgery under general anesthesia could be the result of discomfort from a sore throat early in the postoperative period making patients reluctant to go home.

We hypothesize that patients undergoing ambulatory day care surgery using BM will be associated with a reduced incidence of laryngopharyngeal morbidity as compared to following a standard, uniform general anesthetic technique.

For more information about this trial please click here.