Baska Mask

The Baska mask is the first 3rd Generation Supraglottic Airway.
Available in size 2.5 to 5.

After years of research and development and numerous design revisions the Baska Mask was released and is the first 3rd generation supraglottic airway.


Membranous self-inflating self-recoiling cuff. The cuff is inflated by the airway gases, during IPPV the seal pressure increases during inspiration giving high seal pressures when they are needed.

Integrated bite block with very low risk of dental trauma.

Insertion tab to assist negotiating the palatopharyngeal curve in patients with anatomical abnormalities.

Sump cavity with oesophageal and dorsal apertures to drain the entire pharyngeal cavity. The sump is evacuated by continuous suction. Air enters the vent, passes through the sump cavity and then out through the suction attachment. Secretions, blood or gastric drainage in the pharynx and upper oesophagus enter the sump and are removed.

Vent allows air to enter the sump or for a naso gastric tube to be passed into the stomach.

Suction attachment connects to wall suction.

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